Our future is not a fallback

881,600 Australians may need their super to survive COVID-19.

$12 billion p.a. in taxpayer money funds the fossil fuel industry.

Even in crisis, putting people before profit is possible. So that's exactly what we're asking the government to do.

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To our government, 

No one should face a choice between putting food on the table or protecting their future. But hard-working Australians are being forced to dig into their super and do exactly that.

When billions of tax dollars go into corporate subsidies, and people are told to pay their own way out of a financial crisis, something is very wrong.

We’re standing up for the baristas who make our coffees, the artists being left behind, the sole traders, casual workers and anyone doing it tough right now. These people are our economy. They are our friends, housemates and family members, and their futures are not a fallback.

Our ask is simple: we want our government to choose people over profit in this moment. Use the $12 billion that normally subsidises the fossil fuel industry to repay people who borrow from their super.

This is a moment where we can outline the future we want to see, reset our system to work for all people, and make important progress on the way. Everyone deserves to have their future protected in the same way, and we stand for everyone.


Who are you and why are you doing this?

We’re Future Super. We’re a superannuation fund founded to invest, advocate and campaign for a future free from climate change and inequality. We know that early access policy places pressure on people doing it toughest to use their retirement savings to put food on the table. That’s not a choice anyone should have to make. The reality is no matter what your professional status or your super balance, everyone’s future is worth protecting.

What if I need to access my super?

To gain early access to your super, you must apply through the ATO. You can find more information on applying on the government fact sheet. You cannot apply for early access directly through your super fund.

Are you giving financial advice?

No - we are standing up for people who are having to use their super to survive. All the information provided here is general in nature. In an ideal world, no one would have to access their super during this pandemic, because everyone would be supported equally by the government. If you are thinking about accessing your super, you may wish to seek financial advice before making a decision.

Are you actually sending this to the government?

Yes. We’ll be sending this petition to government, and continuing to campaign for equal protection of everyone’s retirement savings. If you opt in to be updated when you sign up, we’ll keep you posted on what happens next.